The Myths of Recruitment - Part 1


With just under 40,000 recruitment companies in the UK, the industry is the 6th largest in the UK. As a graduate, you will find that recruitment has a variety of different cultures, pay structures and career progression opportunities. No recruitment company is the same. However due to the size and variety of the industry, recruitment is a classic example of one that is largely misunderstood.

Spencer Ogden have discussed five of the most commonly heard misconceptions in the recruitment industry.

Myth #1 – Working in recruitment is the same as working in a call centre

Recruitment and call centres cannot be compared; you are not spending the whole day tied to your desk calling lists of people. Recruitment is about getting to know your clients and candidates, understanding their needs and providing them with the best solutions.

You may join a recruitment company where there is no existing recruitment network and you are faced with the challenge of establishing a network of candidates and reaching out to clients who are looking to hire. However, this doesn’t require you to start cold calling but will allow you to learn about business development, making strategic phone calls to build a network of quality candidates and clients.

Myth #2 – All recruiters care about is hitting targets and making money, not their candidates and clients

Recruitment is sales, there is no doubt about that. Targets are involved but that is not all the recruiters focus on. Recruitment is a high performing environment where the focus should be on providing the best solutions, therefore targets are needed but they are tailored to an individual to support them in performing at their best.

Similarly, to targets, money is not the sole focus of a recruiter. We would be lying if we didn’t say it was a major factor when considering a career in the recruitment as it is a lucrative career.

The main focus of any recruitment job is building a quality network of relevant candidates and clients. Building relationships is the key to recruitment success. Gaining trust and loyalty from your candidates and clients will allow you to provide them with the best solution. Recruiters do ask a lot of questions but they are not being intrusive, they are trying to find out as much information as possible to find the candidate the most suitable role or the client the perfect candidate.

Myth #3 – Recruitment is a cut throat industry and there is no career progression

You will find many companies that have a strategy where they hire quickly at high rates with no issues asking individuals to leave after a few weeks if they are not the right fit. Spencer Ogden focuses on hiring home-grown talent with a majority of our recruiters completing our bespoke training academy, we are committed to the development of all our people.

Recruitment is no longer a ‘short-term’ plan but an industry where you can build a career for yourself. There are a number of different paths you could take to progress in your career in recruitment, whether it be management or even directorship.

Targets and personal development plans will be created to support you throughout your career in recruitment. Spencer Ogden have a career framework and personal plan that clearly outlines what individuals need to do in order to achieve their next promotion.

Recruitment companies will have a learning and development function which should support you throughout every stage of your career at that recruitment company. This could be an individual, a team or even a third party. Spencer Ogden has a dedicated team; their responsibility is to support individual’s growth by offering tailored training courses at each level of an individual’s career.

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